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Give visibility to your teams and partners

Track your orders, your packages, your flow and anticipate decisions with a viewmacroscopic (command/pallet) or microscopic (Sku, UVC, serial number, batch...) of the activity to be in the continuous improvement of the logistics processes and therefore in the performance.

Automated reporting

Préparer vos comités de pilotages

For :

- Operational briefings,

- The steering committees,

- The executive committees,

- Business reviews,

- Inventory management.


Visualize your data

In the format of your choice:


- Excel

- CSV...

The data remains reliables and can be compared to different periods.

Each KPI or SLA is calculated (coded) in the same way and each data keeps the same origin in the database.

Dataviz Business Intelligence IA

Reporting standardization engine

In 35 seconds, generate your PPT files for the preparation of your Steerco...



Hascai is a concentrate of technology with the best players on the market.

We integrate in our "Road map" data visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Gain efficiency and manage your business flows in real time with our Hascai solution.

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