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Hascai is a concentrate of technology with the best players on the market.

We integrate in our "Road map", data visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Gain efficiency by managing your business flows in real time with our Hascai solution.

Analyze and decide

Do you have one or more logistics warehouses or have you launched your own e-commerce business as a retailer?...
So you need to manage your activity flow, your order volumes hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month by month.

Cloud solution (SaaS) for greater agility

We have concentrated our Logistics expertise in this solution so that you can manage your business with complete peace of mind. It's a full cloud logistics platform, secure and collaborative.



In a few days, you have access to a management tool for your activity (a dozen automated dashboards).

This will allow you to see your activity flow, from placing an order to shipping it.

Tracking for each order status is available by sms and/or email.

Flow standardization engine

"Interoperability of logistics & transport systems via EDI."

All types of flows

View your flows

- Reliable infrastructure,

- Automatic feeding by bots (EDI),

- "Cleaned" and directly usable data,

- Secure systems (GDPR),

- Accessible anywhere in the world 24/7.

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