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Ecosystem & Benefits

Lean management and "sustainability" go hand in hand because the resource conservation goes through the search for efficiency and therefore the optimization of production processes. As short as possible, as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible and as energy-efficient as possible.


Business Intelligence Datamart IA
The data is immediately available anywhere in the world. You are already in the analysis!

- Full-fledged cloud logistics platform,

- Collaborative with several levels of administration (Management, operations, customers, suppliers ...),

- Clean and reliable data,

- Automated reporting,

- Standardized dashboards.


Reporting automatisé
Reliable information and data enable better decisions.


Decide in real time by:

- Monitoring flows,

- Identifying bottlenecks and idle times,

- Checking the flow by customers,

- Checking cut-offs (integrations per hour)

- Anticipating problems,

- Eliminating chance...


The goal?.. It is to achieve your goal with the optimization of human resources and material resources.


- Allocate resources to the right place at the right time,

- Improve your performance by adjusting the means necessary to achieve KPIs/SLAs,

- You proactively manage events, without suffering them.

- You have more time for management and customer relationship

You, automatically, reduce waste and carbon footprint.



Hascai is a concentrate of technology with the best players on the market.

We integrate in our "Road map" data visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Gain efficiency and manage your business flows in real time with our Hascai solution .

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