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Welcome to Hascai, the cutting-edge Startup (SaaS) that heralds the future. We are an international team and share the same ideas and the same vision of success. We are convinced that our technology has every chance of helping you drive your activity in your sector. Explore our site to learn more.

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The standardization engine of logistics flows

The Hascai platform improves the management of logistics warehouse operations by providing clear visibility of flows:
From integration, through preparation, to shipping.
You manage in real time, the delivery times and the different statuses of the order (pallets, packages, SKUs...).
Gestion d'un entrepôt en temps réel

real time management

ERP Analytics BI Dataviz
Analytics based on your ERP... 

Your business becomes "Data driven"
- Analyze,
- Decide,
- A
Reveal your 
logistic potential

No more need to reformat reports.
All the data form elementary bricks which constitute the base of your information system. Work has been automated so your team can make decisions efficiently.

Pilotage de flux logistique
Pilotage de flux logistique
Ce que nous faisons


At Hascai, our comprehensive technology solutions help market-leading businesses and individuals achieve greater success.


Our platform is created to help you manage your business.

Our mission is to "Reveal your logistic potential" and that, in a few clicks.


 Hascai allows you to analyze, decide and act in real time.


For a free demonstration, contact us today.

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“Setting a goal is not enough for achieving it.

Unpredictable events occur every day that require adjustments to the initial forecasts.

Piloting is planning! But it also means adjusting to everyday life.”

Eric Delavallee

Doctor in organizational sciences and professor at IAE Paris



Hascai is a concentrate of technology with the best players on the market.

We integrate in our "Road map" data visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Gain efficiency and manage your business flows in real time with our solutionHascai.

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